The new “mini-Seattle”

Posted on April 28th, 2017

The new “mini-Seattle”


Downtown Bellevue Residential Projects are on the Rise

According to the Seattle Times, Bellevue has become the fastest-growing neighborhood in the city by far with more than a dozen new apartment projects on the horizon. We can now say that downtown Bellevue is becoming a “mini-Seattle” with new apartment towers packing more residents into an area. What comes with a densely packed city is not only chaos on the roads, but sky rocketing home prices. City officials say that downtown Bellevue has increased significantly since 2000 with about 13,000 residents total today!

As new apartment projects continue to lure more people into the city, the demand for condos continue to increase at an alarming rate. Being in a market that is flooded with buyers, today is the BEST time for you to contact us about providing you with a complimentary market analysis of your home. We offer gold standard service and already have a list of willing buyers for a wide variety of price points. It is just a matter of finding the right fit!


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