Eastside Rail Corridor Plan – Approved!

Posted on February 18th, 2017

Eastside Rail Corridor Plan – Approved!

ERC Plan Approval


As large companies continue to expand into the Seattle area, population growth continues to rise and as a result, the length in travel time for commuters continue to increase. In order to reduce travel time, additional transportation routes must be introduced to avoid congested streets and highways.

According to the Bellevue Reporter, the Metropolitan King County Council passed the Eastside Rail Corridor’s Trail Master Plan which proposes an additional 16.7 (car-free) trail through the urban Eastside that connects to the former BNSF rail line that runs 42 miles from Snohomish County to Renton. This is a $13.2 million projected plan that is anticipated to be completed by 2020. The plan also includes the preservation of Bellevue’s iconic Wilburton Trestle which will guarantee all commuters (cyclists, runners, and pedestrians) a phenomenal Eastside skyline view.

King County Council members are thrilled about the progress that has been made and the economic and educational benefits that will follow once completed. The next step is to begin the plan and make it a reality!

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