Eastside Becomes Tourism Hotspot

Posted on July 21st, 2017

Eastside Becomes Tourism Hotspot

The Eastside is coming into its own, and tourists & overnight visitors are starting to take notice.

According to several sources, the tech industry and the large corporate market have played a major role in driving the Eastside tourism industry. However, while the tech industry does deserve a lot of credit for drawing people to the Eastside, there is also something to be said of the unique identity the area has created for itself.

Doug Rigoni, CEO of Coast Hotels, USA noted, “In the past, the Eastside hospitality business was sort of an afterthought. It was like, if Seattle’s full, well then Bellevue would get more business. But now, some people would rather be in Bellevue, and that’s the kind of change that I think we’re going to see more and more of.”

We’re happy to see more people appreciating all of the beauty and entertainment the Eastside has to offer! And of course we will be interested to see how this will impact real estate and enable local industries to grow and expand.

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